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Need a quick Loan?

Creditville offers CASH LOANS (For Salary Earners & Business Owners) to meet urgent needs ranging from rent, school fees, business expansion etc as well as VEHICLE LOANS (For Salary Earners & For Uber/Taxify as well as Keke & MiniBuses)

Corporate Woman Flexy Loan

Are you a corporate woman and you need increased access to financing your business?
Creditville is ready to grant you up to the tune of 6 million naira with lower interest rates than ever before

Our Vehicle Loan Products

Auto Lease and Corporate Lease

Creditville Auto Lease is a car loan product for salary earners designed to help individuals in paid employment buy any car of their choice and pay back in installments from their salary for up to 48 months.

Cab Lease

Creditville Cab Lease is a scheme designed to make you a boss of your own by buying you a car for Uber/Taxify with convenient installment payments from your earnings for up to 48 months.

Keke & Mini-Bus Hire Purchase

Creditville’s Keke & Mini-Bus Hire Purchase helps purchase a Keke (tricycle) or a 7 seater Mini-Bus for commercial use while you repay conveniently from the proceeds you make for up to 52 weeks.

Our Cash Loan Products

Payday / Salary Loans

Creditville Payday Loan offers between N100,000 and N4,000,000 online loan for salary earners without collateral for up to 18 months. The loan can be gotten without a guarantor and the interest portion is on a reducing balance basis (rbb).

*Terms & Conditions Apply*

Business Loans

Creditville Business Loan offers between N100,000 and N4,000,000 loans for business owners and self-employed individuals for up to 12 months without collateral. The businesses must be registered with monthly cash flow.

*Terms & Conditions Apply*