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N100 ,000 - 4 Million in less than 6 hours


N100,000 – 4 Million in less than 6 hours

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N100,000 – 4 Million in less than 6 hours

Apply for a Cash Loan
Apply for a Vehicle Loan

Need A Quick Online Loan?

Creditville offers CASH LOANS (For Salary Earners & Business Owners) to meet urgent needs ranging from rent, school fees, business expansion etc as well as VEHICLE LOANS (For Salary Earners & For Uber/Taxify as well as Keke & MiniBuses).

Our Online Cash Loan Products

Payday / Salary Loans

Creditville Payday Loan offers between N100,000 and N4,000,000 online loan for salary earners without collateral for up to 18 months. The loan can be gotten without a guarantor and the interest portion is on a reducing balance basis (rbb).

*Terms & Conditions Apply*

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Business Loans

Creditville Business Loan offers between N100,000 and N4,000,000 loans for business owners and self employed individuals for up to 12 months without collateral. The businesses must be registered with monthly cash flow.

*Terms & Conditions Apply*

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Our Online Vehicle Loan Products

Auto Lease (Car Loan For Salary Earners)

Creditville Auto Lease is a car loan product for salary earners designed to help individuals in paid employment buy any car of their choice and pay back in installments from their salary for up to 48 months.

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Cab Lease (For Uber/Taxify)

Creditville Cab Lease is a scheme designed to make you a boss of your own by buying you a car for Uber/Taxify with convenient installment payments from your earnings for up to 48 months.

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Keke & Mini-Bus Hire Purchase

Creditville’s Keke & Mini-Bus Hire Purchase helps purchase a Keke (tricycle) or a 7 seater Mini-Bus for commercial use while you repay conveniently from the proceeds you make for up to 52 weeks.

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Get An Estimated Monthly Online Loan Repayment

You can get urgent or emergency Online Loans in Nigeria quickly in your account as quick as 4 hours after meeting the necessary conditions and documentation.

You may choose to repay your online loan in full, at anytime without any penalty and you may apply for a top-up loan without a waiting period.

Our interest rates are low and all-inclusive, ensuring transparency and we guarantee there are no hidden admin charges.

Our online loan application is easy and we grant the loans without collateral making us the ideal online loan company in Nigeria.

You definitely should get our Quick online loans in Nigeria.

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Customers’ reviews

What People Say About Our Quick Loans

Creditville is reliable and committed to their promises and service delivery (A WOW SERVICE DELIVERY). They are saviours at anytime with Friendly and competent Staff. God Bless Creditville Limited.
Taiwo Oluwakemi
Swift response to customers’ loan requests, speedy processing of the application forms and above all, exhibition of professional acumen by every member of staff. Kudos to you guys.
Miss Oluchi .E.

Frequently Asked Online Loan Questions

What People Usually Ask About Our Online Loans And Their Answers

Who Are Those Eligible For Your Salary Loans?

  • You should be between 25 and 60 years.
  • You must run a current account with a commercial Bank in Nigeria.
  • You must have a verifiable monthly salary income.
  • You must have a clean Credit Report.
  • You must not have a history of returned cheque(s) in your account.

Who Are Those Eligible For Your Business Loans?

  • Businesses or persons with businesses that are duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission.
  • Persons between the ages of 25 and 60 years.
  • The business in question must have a steady cash flow that can be verified.
  • You must have a clean Credit Report.

Can Creditville Buy Out My Current Loan With Another Company?

Yes we will buy out your loan with any institution and restructure it for you  if that’s what you want or give you an additional loan even.

How much does it cost to take a loan in terms of management and processing fees ?

We do not charge management or processing fees neither are there any hidden charges with our loans. It is 100% FREE

Must I provide a guarantor to access a loan?

NO. Our Loans can be accessed without a guarantor but it should be noted that terms and conditions apply

How do I make my loan repayments?

We have multiple repayment channels ranging from Cheques, deposit or transfers into any of our bank accounts as well as setting up of direct debit.


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Our Loan Products

Our Interest rates are low and all inclusive, ensuring transparency and we guarantee there are not hidden charges


Cash Loan

Creditville Cash Loan  offers Payday Loan and Business Loan for salary earners and Business owners (or self employed) respectively

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Vehicle Loan

Creditville Vehicle Loan offers  Auto Lease (Car Loan For Salary Earners), Cab Lease (For Uber/Taxify) and Keke & Mini-Bus Hire Purchase.

Apply for cash loan

Apply for Vehicle Loan

Apply for Cash Loan

Apply for Vehicle Loan