How a loan can save your relationship
How a loan can save your relationship

How a loan can save your relationship

Can taking a loan save your relationship? If you have to take a loan, could it still be true love? If him/her loves you, they wouldn’t make you borrow or should they? Taking a loan can save a relationship. How?  You may ask? If she loves me then She should understand my financial state. She might love you, but still not be able to put up with your finances. While it is advised that you live within your means, taking a loan might prove effective in certain situations. The idea is not to take a loan for the basics like food and clothing. You should be able to stick to what you are able to earn for such demands in your relationship. Think about it this way, if you could take a loan for yourself to sort out emergencies, why would you not do the same for your spouse or partner. In marriage, it is said that two have become one and in courting, it is said that you are on your way towards becoming one.

Take for instance there is a life hanging on the balance. It could be her life; it could be the life of a close friend or family member of hers. If you could take a loan to help save their life then why not? Why would you not help out if you could? Issues like this could make or mar your relationship. Every woman wants a man who puts her and all that concerns her as a priority. Putting her and her needs as a priority is a sign of love.

This is not specific to the men only, a woman can only take a loan for her man if situations arise that warrant it. I’ve seen wives take loans on their husbands behalf, it does not make you less of whom you are nor does it mean that you are unreasonable.

Here are some examples of situations when it is ok to take a loan:

1. Cases of Emergency:

Emergency means different things to different people. It could be a life hanging in the balance, it could be to sort out pressing needs, projects, and it could also be preventing certain situations. For example, a friend was kicked out of her house sometime in 2018. She had paid for a full year and her rent was not due but she had gone through a tenant and there was no tenancy agreement. Lack of tenancy agreement took away her ability to fight as there was no document that was legally binding to present. In that situation, she had to take a loan from her office. In a case where she is not eligible to take a loan from her office, she would have had to fall back to savings (If any), friends and family or even a partner. In a case like this, her partner taking a loan to keep her from being stranded is totally reasonable and would be an act of kindness that would create a ripple effect. A ripple effect that says “He cares about me enough to have gone out of His way for me”. The opposite however would create a different effect that says “Why am I in a relationship with a man who does not care about me enough to go out of His way for me? What is the essence of being with someone who cannot pull through for me when I need him to?”

Cases of a rewarding contract with insufficient funds to execute:

When companies give out a contract, they pay a certain percentage and the contract has to be completed before the remaining is released. If the government issues the contract on the other hand, they may have to complete the project before payment is released. If your partner is a contractor who does not have collateral to offer, you might be a better bet. Payday loans are easier to acquire than business loans. A payday loan can be gotten with or without collateral but a business loan of a huge sum will most likely require a collateral if it will go without any hitches.

Sometimes taking a personal loan to give your woman/man a treat would not be such a bad idea.

Spoiling a woman who has stood with you through thick and thin and giving her a break would be an amazing gift. You certainly do not want your partner to break down mentally and physically as that could be strenuous to your relationship/marriage. Celebrating certain special dates in a year could be a good reason to take a loan. You might be expecting some income but need to do something for your partner as soon as possible. You could take a loan to redeem that situation.

Please note that it is not advisable to take outrageous sums as a loan unless absolutely necessary. The beauty is in finding a balance that makes your partner feel prioritized, solves your needs and is not over the top. A loan could also be taken from friends and family members or financial institutions such as Creditville Limited which are flexible with their repayment plan and have no hidden charges asides stipulated interest rates.

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