Cheap valentine’s Day gift ideas
5 gift ideas for valentine that wont cost much

Cheap valentine’s Day gift ideas

The much anticipated Valentine’s Day fast approaches. Valentine’s Day is the day for lovers to show each other how much they care for each other by doing something special. As Valentine’s Day approaches, the pressure is on for partners to go out of their way for one another typically with the use of money to show care. Some go as far as breaking up with their girlfriends as valentine approaches and getting back together afterwards.

There’s really no need to break up or pick a fight just because you cannot afford certain luxury. You can show her how much you care even if you are on a very tight budget. Although the pressure falls mainly on men to do something special, it is not restricted to men alone as women are also supposed to show love by doing something special.

A common misconception is that you must break the bank to show love, you must buy “Benz” and the likes but this is a faux.  Knowing and understanding your partner’s love language is an incredible way to know which gift is appropriate for them. Love language is the way your partner wants to be loved and not necessarily the way you feel they should be loved.

Here are 5 valentine gift ideas that would cost you much money:

A ‘What I Love About You’ Book:

An ‘I love you book’ is a very romantic gesture. A hand made book that contains all the things you love about your partner. The thought and feelings put into this would make your partner happy. It’s the effort that counts, the fact that you wanted to do something extraordinary for your partner makes the difference.

Have Dinner or Breakfast in Bed:

Valentine's Day Dinner or Breakfast in Bed
Valentine’s Day Dinner or Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in bed, late night dinner at a restaurant, cooking for your spouse. Something romantic does not necessarily mean that you need to break the bank to achieve this. Serving breakfast in bed can cost you as little as 2,000 Naira to achieve and this would set the tone for the rest of the day. A lovely soundtrack in the background, sandwich and juice/tea, a rose flower and a note to accompany it would set the pace for the entire day. You’ll have your partner smiling and feeling so special like you probably never have.

Late night dinner could be indoors or outdoors. You can decide to take your partner to an affordable restaurant or you can be indoors. You’ll cook their favorite meal, dress the way they would love you do dress. This would be a great way to relieve stress after a day at work. If you are a man, your woman would feel pampered and spoilt about not having to do this on Valentine’s Day. If you’re married, you could have the children tucked into bed or have someone baby sit them so you and mummy could have some alone time. Not only is this highly effective in passing the Valentine’s Day message, it is also highly cost effective.

Remember that it is about the person and not about how much.  

Surprise Valentine Cake and Love note:

Valentines day cake
Valentine’s day cake is a symbol of love

Surprising your partner with a cake at the office is a good way to show how much you care. Nothing makes a woman feel special like public display of affection and declaration of love. A box of cupcakes or even doughnuts would do the trick and this is still well within a 5,000 Naira budget. The fun part about this is having it delivered to Her at home or at work. You can have this delivered to Her at whatever location She is and have her scream with excitement. The fact that you went out of your way for Her would make Her feel special.

If your man is a cake lover, you can also do this. Also hide sweet messages in this backpack or in between His laptop. Hide them in places where He would not expect to see them and where he would be excited to see them when He does.

You can also have a gift delivered to His office if He is not a cake person. Try to stay away from the obvious boxers and belt. Try to be creative with your gift selection and as a man please avoid buying her perfume. Not only is it impersonal and lacks creativity, it is also very cliché for Valentine’s Day.

Have Some Outdoor Time Together:

Outdoor valentine
Outdoor Valentines day Picnic

Take some time off work, take her on a picnic. The beach side (Try beaches with less human traffic) for Lagos, the lake side if you are in Abuja. Some nice outdoor hangout would do the trick.

A picnic can be done anywhere really and picnics are relatively budget friendly since they do not require you to spend much.


Movie time
Valentine’s Day Movie Time

Go to the movies. It can be a day time movie or a late night movie. Late night movies are generally more romantic and might be appreciated by your partner if they are movie lovers. You could do personal movies in the house where you make the popcorn available and watch a movie His/hers has wanted you to see for the longest time. It’s a way of saying you are important to me and I value you.

In conclusion, showing love varies for different people. Do what matters to your partner. These ideas are not exhaustive but could give a hint towards what your partner may find to be special. You do not have to break the bank to celebrate valentines.

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